Sunday, October 18, 2009

Canberra's sustainable (& unsuckable) house!

Nick Mayo and Sarah Clayton live independently of water and power services in the heart of Canberra. Their home, in Duffy Street Ainslie, is a truly sustainable house with all sorts of clever, and great looking, features. For example, look carefully at the second and fourth window in the picture above and you’ll see a glazed brick wall - a very clever and stylish use of thermal mass.

Our infrared imaging of the building envelope confirmed that this is a house with outstanding thermal performance (the image below shows the internal surface of the glazed wall, pointed out above). Better still, when we conducted an air leakage test and tried to suck air out of the home we found it to be the most tightly constructed property we have ever tested. An airtight and well insulated building envelope is the most important thing for building comfort, energy efficiency and durability: this home experiences very little conductive or convective heat loss/gain and will most certainly stand the test of time. Very impressive!