Friday, April 3, 2009

Alex Sloan decides to suck it and see!

Earlier this week we tested the house of ABC 666's Mornings presenter Alex Sloan. You may have heard an interview, that she recorded during the testing, go to air on Thursday 2nd April.

The original parts of Alex's house are nearly 80 years old and its been extended a couple of times in more recent years. No surprise - we found it to be very leaky. The beautiful old exposed floorboards were particularly sieve-like! The pleasant surprise was how generally well-sealed the windows and surrounding architraves were. Some clear insulation gaps were also spotted.

There is big potential to relatively quickly and inexpensively improve the energy efficiency and comfort level of the home. Having seen (and felt) the extent of the gaps, Alex seems pretty motivated to start plugging them up before Canberra winter hits. Dear old Bessie (the healthy, hot dog with cold nose) will appreciate the reduction in cool drafts too!